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Agua Fresca

Agua Fresca

Is there anything better than watermelon season?  Don’t get me wrong, I love all of summers fruit. Especially the berries.  But melons are unique in that you don’t generally find them in your freezer section where you can enjoy them year round.  You have to wait.  And absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It’s also much more versatile than people realize.  Watermelon is great frozen (my puppy loves frozen watermelon), in smoothies, you can grill it, and you can put it into salads- but thats for another day.  Today is a classic Agua Fresca day.

Agua Fresca

4 cups Watermelon Cubes

1 Cup Cold Water

1 Sprig Mint

Lime wedges



Place watermelon cubes into a blender or food processor.  Blend until completely smooth.  Pass the blended watermelon through a fine mesh strainer to remove the pulp.  Pour the watermelon juice into a tall glass or a small pitcher.  Add the juice of a lime wedge, a couple torn mint leaves, and the cup of water into the juice.  Put into the refrigerator to chill for at least one hour.  Serve over ice.



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